Today many people want to learn how to eat to have great health. In my experience of  supporting hundreds of people to restore health, this simple food principle is the starting point for success: a wide variety of organic, high nutrient dense, whole foods.

To see what I eat to stay healthy, I wrote down everything I ate for a week. What emerged was a meal plan of totally delicious food, so yummy and health giving that I have to share it with you. In this blog I’ll share Breakfast. Then next week I’ll share my Lunch ideas, and the following week I’ll cover Dinner and Eating Out suggestions.  I’ve included some recipes for Breakfast below and even more at the end of this article.

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NOTE: Today when so many people’s health needs improving, often our immune system is weak. Also, Candida yeast may be an issue, which means we don’t easily absorb nutrients from our food. These food suggestions can help to both strengthen your immune system and support your body to absorb nutrients. So let’s get started.

If you really want your body to respond quickly to food, buy organic.  With these suggestions, you may actually find buying all organic will save money on groceries. Many of my clients noticed this when they began this program of eating for health.


When I get up in the morning,  the first thing I do is make herbal tea with fresh lemon to wake up my liver and support elimination. Then I check in with my body to see what it would enjoy. Try this for yourself. Open your fridge or cupboard and let your eyes show you what your body is drawn to. Our bodies are very intelligent. The following are the foods I chose last week:

•   •   •

Green Smoothie: 4 Kale or Collard leaves or 1/2 bunch Parsley, 1 Apple, 2/3 cup fresh or frozen Berries, 2 tablespoons ground Golden Flax seeds or Hemp Hearts, 1/2 cup Almonds or Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds, sweeten with Stevia to taste. Put all the ingredients in a blender and fill 1/3 full with Purified Water. Blend until smooth and delicious.
     On Another Day-
Fresh Juice: 4 Carrots, 3 Celery, 1/2 Cucumber, 1/2 bunch Parsley or 4 leaves of Kale or Collards, 1″ fresh Ginger, 1/3 Lemon or Lime, 1 Apple. This makes me feel amazing.
     On Another Day-
Chia Seeds with Berries and Nuts or Seeds. The recipe follows at end of article.
     On Another Day-
Fresh Fruit, 10 Nuts and Herbal Tea, followed later in the morning with a small Green or Sprout Salad and 1/2  Avocado. [TIP: You can enjoy 3 avocados each week in salads or on rice cakes or corn thins. Avocado is a great way to get healthy oil in a whole food form.]
     On Another Day-
Cooked Grain: 1-1/2 cups of cooked Millet and Rice, dressed with Umeboshi Vinegar and Olive Oil [TIP: 5 parts Olive Oil to 1 part Ume Vinegar. Buy Umeboshi Vinegar at most health foods stores.  It is a healthy vinegar that won’t feed Candida.]

Breakfast is a delicious and important meal, and it influences your hunger, satisfaction, clarity and energy level for the whole day. So jump in and try these ideas. (Notice that all these breakfasts are high nutrient dense, whole foods!) Test them in your own experience so you know in your own body how effective they are.  Open the door to better health and the life you deserve.

HEALTH PRINCIPLE: Eat organic, high nutrient dense, whole foods and avoid low nutrient dense processed foods.

Balanced View
Another wonderful discovery I’m excited to share with you is a program called Balanced View. For years I’ve wanted to recommend a program that would give the mental and emotional stability that I feel is needed to create a real foundation of health.  I recently found that in a program called Balanced View. I’ve been involved with Balanced View for one year now, and my life is more joyful and filled with ease, my relationship with my husband and others is more loving and fun, and I am committed  to live out my life for the benefit of all people.

We invite you to join us at our home for an interactive video meeting on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. We’ll be holding these meetings regularly until the end of June. You’ll have the opportunity to see what Balanced View offers and to ask any questions you may have. If you will kindly RSVP me at, we will write back with directions to our home. We ask for a $5 donation to forward to Balanced View for the meeting. We would love to see you and enjoy the evening together.

To your health,
P.S. Balanced View’s website:



1½ Granny Smith apples, remove core and seeds before juicing
4 stalks celery
½ bunch cilantro
Juice all and enjoy.  This is delicious, cleansing and energizing.


4 leaves of Kale or Collards or 1/2 bunch of Parsley
2 Granny Smith Apples
1/3 Lemon or Lime, seeded
2 Celery stalks
1/3 Cucumber
2 tablespoons ground Golden Flax or 2 tablespoons Hemp Hearts
1/4 cup Almonds or Sunflower Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds
Stevia for sweetness to taste (I prefer ground stevia leaves or the stevia in liquid form without alcohol.)
Fill blender 1/3 full of Purified Water. Blend until smooth and serve.  So Yummy!


In a bowl, add 2 tablespoons Chia seeds
½ cup Walnut halves
¼ cup Golden Berries, a gooseberry from Peru at health food stores or 1/2 cup fresh or frozen Blueberries
Add 1 cup hot water and cover bowl with plate to retain heat. This dish is ready to eat in 5 minutes. Chia Seeds are a wonderful way to get omega 3 fatty acids. They are higher in omega 3’s than flax seed and Chia don’t need to be ground.  They also help reduce food cravings.


1 cup Brown Rice and 1 cup Millet, wash well in a medium size pan and drain. This will give you grain for 2 or 3 days to enjoy. 
5 cups Purified Water
Pinch of Sea Salt
Add Purified Water and Sea Salt to grain. Bring to a boil and cover. No need to stir grain at anytime. If you do  stir it loses its fluffy texture. Turn heat to low and simmer 50 minutes.  To your morning portion add Umeboshi Vinegar and Olive Oil and enjoy. 


  1. Connie – all sounds good but it can be overwhelming. My husband has just been diagnosed with PMR, some sort of muscle disease. We spent 2 mos in Az, started with the end of the second week in March, GP has now put him on prednisone. My husband is a heart/stroke, fibromyalgia patient. We are also following through with our acupuncturist. treatments 3 times a week, so far no difference, hence reason he had to go back on prednisone. It’s a very debilitating disease.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Thank you so much dearest Connie for pouring out your loving care for all beings with these clear and yummy directions. I feel fully fresh and happily energized by the simple act of reading your recipes. I am so glad I have subscribed to your love-blog. Wholesome organic nutritious Love to you. Federico

  3. Thanks for sharing all of you,… I call you my food guru,… 🙂 I would like to share a receipt for a juice. I have this twice a day.
    4-5 leaves of Black Kale
    half a pear
    half a small banana
    1 Tbspn Dulse
    1.5 cups water
    Put them in a blender,… wow its great !!
    This makes 1 large glass ! 🙂
    What do you think of this one,… could I make any improvements ?

    • Hi Christine, Lovely you are doing a green smoothie and enjoying it. The pear and banana will feed Candida yeast. If that isn’t a problem for you, no worries. Juicing is where all the fiber is removed from the food in a juicer. Green smoothies where the fiber is included are great. For deeper cleansing, juicing gives nutrients the cells can absorb immediately. It cleanses the body more quickly also.

      Check out the green smoothie recipes on my last blog and try them. I like that you use seaweed, Dulse, in your green smoothie. Great way to get more minerals.

      Love, Connie

  4. Hi Connie. Really helpful ,thank you. Did you get my message on Bills face book page. Just regarding some tips and suggestions.This is a beautiful blog.thank you for sharing it! lots of love Roisin

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