We are so fortunate that raw foods have become popular in North America, enabling us to enjoy them in restaurants  and as packaged food products in health food stores.  Raw foods are chock full of nutrients, enzymes and sunlight that feed our life force. We are blessed to eat and enjoy them.

Sorrel Salad

After healing a serious health condition with raw foods and wheatgrass juice, I have watched with interest at the shape and form the raw foods movement has taken. Grateful for its popularity, I also want everyone to know that there is a difference between raw foods that heal and some of the popular raw foods products and cookbooks.

My last blog was about healing raw foods. I hope you enjoyed it and have made some of the recipes. As you know, it was all about organic, whole foods, sprouts, fermented foods, and wheatgrass juice. These are the foods that support the body to cleanse and use its energy for regeneration.

The popular raw foods movement has marketed products that are definitely raw, but are often made with lots of nuts, coconut oil, excess avocado, agave syrup, cacao, sweet fruits and dried fruits. These foods are healthy and a great addition to a healthy diet, however, the difficulty comes in using the large amounts of these foods common in the popular raw dishes and recipes and using these foods to cleanse and heal.

When you eat lots of nuts, coconut oil and excess avocado, that can be taxing to the liver.  Oil is the most difficult food for the liver to digest. And the oily nuts like cashews and peanuts feed Candida yeast and support it’s flourishing.

Also, raw cacao is not ideal for Candida yeast because it can tax the adrenals and weaken the immune system.  When we add agave syrup as a sweetener, it, like many other sweeteners, feeds Candida yeast, which can tax our systems tremendously.

Many people have Candida yeast as a result of taking antibiotics or other strong medications, and to really cleanse and heal, agave may not be the best sweetener.  Also, many fruits feed Candida yeast, especially dried fruits. The fruits that are best to help bring Candida yeast into balance are Granny Smith Apples, Kiwis, Berries, Grapefruit and lemon and lime, all in moderate amounts, of course.

A  dear friend, Federico, made the following video where I compare Healing Raw Foods with Contemporary Raw Foods. Thank you Federico  for your interest in Healing Raw Foods. Have a look and if you have further questions, post it on the blog and I will gladly respond. You can find the recipes I refer to in the video by scrolling down to my previous blog titled, “Healing Raw Foods, What Are They?”   All of the recipes are there with lots of beautiful photos.

To Your Amazing Health,  Connie


  1. Hi Connie
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make a video on your own healthy eating experience. I will check out the recipes but in the meantime will try the watermelon juice and wheat grass juice.

    • Dearest Daile, It inspires all of us when someone takes another step into healthy eating. I love your willingness and adventuresome spirit. Watermelon juice and Wheatgrass juice are both so immediately healthy.

      Enjoy and thank you.

      Much Love, Connie

  2. Was writing a comment and it seemed to get lost. So here goes again. Wonderful video dearest Connie. So inspirational and helpful as always, and I love your blog. Will refer others, you are an amazing light and a gift to all. All my love and Australia misses you…not to mention me!

    • Hi Dearest Danyse, I love that you read the blog and find value. Your cookbook, “Alkaline Eating” is a beautiful contribution to supporting other to eat healthy and enjoy the wonderful tastes of whole foods. My cookbook is almost complete and I am delighted with it. Will announce it soon.

      Much love and hugs,


  3. This blog is overflowing with such sage advise and beautiful food. I know that your suggestions work because you have been teaching me for the last 10 years. I remember from our first class together at NAIT your comment on not to get stuck with one “system” but to learn from them all. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

    • Dear Heide, Thanks for your beautiful comment. You have become a wise woman of medicinal whole food products, powders, tinctures, and using these rarefied foods in cooking, I often turn to you for advice. Thanks for being my friend.

      Much love, Connie

  4. A cook book,…..yippy. That will be GREAT !! No more little scraps of paper flittering around !!
    Loads of gratitude ,… thanks for being YOU ,… Christine 🙂

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