I’m just completing my first Cookbook. Yes! So happy to be completing this offering. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating it and including lots of photos of this beautiful food. I’ve spent months and months with friends perfecting each of the over 100 recipes. They are truly delicious. But best of all, they’re foods that support our bodies to regenerate and restore health. Each recipe is full of high nutrient dense, whole foods that our bodies love and thrive on when we eat them.

In addition to being chock full of healthy foods, there is a food plan of what to eat daily to improve and restore health that makes you feel terrific. And there is consideration given to foods that won’t feed Candida yeast. The Cookbook also takes into account using non-gluten grains, as many people today have a reaction to gluten.

Also, there are many time and money saving tips, grocery shopping ideas, as well as information about how certain foods benefit us. And these recipes are easy to make, absolutely delicious, and so colourful that you just want to dive right in and begin eating.

Many people who have followed the eating plan and enjoyed some of these recipes have seen wonderful changes in their health including freedom from arthritic pain, lowering high blood pressure, lowering high cholesterol, and losing weight effortlessly, without hunger or cravings for other foods.

You’ll be able to purchase the Amazing Health Effortlessly Cookbook on my blog as an eBook through PayPal. This way you can use your Computer, Kindle, iPad or print a copy of the recipe you want to prepare. As an eBook, the Cookbook goes wherever you go.

Following are two recipes from the Cookbook: Sweet and Sour Corn Salad and Mexican Rice. These two recipes are special, prepare them and see for yourself. To view them, scroll below. To download and print them, click the download button below the blue bar under the recipe pages.

Enjoy sampling what’s to come very soon in the form of Amazing Health Effortlessly Cookbook: Whole Foods Cooking to Restore Health.

To Your Amazing Health,

4 thoughts on “THE COOKBOOK IS COMING….

  1. Congratulations..I am so happy for you. I tried clicking on the link but it did not work for me. Where can I buy your book?

    Susan Janzen

  2. I sooo wish that the cook book would be offered in a real book,… is this possible 🙂 I love books !!
    Lots of Love,… Christine

    • Hi Christine, Thanks for your desire for a hard copy of the book. We have so many photos that are important for people to see, the book published with all the photos would be $50 to $60. I don’t feel people would easily pay that.
      Much love, Connie

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