We are in Sweden again and it’s in full bloom, flowers and butterflies, walks in the woods, swimming in the lakes and a bounteous garden that we’re getting our greens from. It’s a beautiful country and I love that I can stay connected with you all from wherever we are in the world. This technology is amazing, isn’t it?

We’ve come here to do some more trainings from Balanced View. These trainings have been surprisingly simple and effective in gaining greater mental and emotional stability, which, as you know, I feel is as essential for a strong foundation of health as the right food is. If you wish to check them out go to:

Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle

One of the things I always enjoy when traveling is talking with new people about restoring health. There’s so much to learn and every tradition has its wisdom. In the countryside of Sweden, Stinging Nettles in the wild are very common and they pick  them for a variety of uses. Stinging nettles have a flavour similar to spinach and cucumber when cooked and are rich in vitamins A, C, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium. Apparently these nettles were commonly used by the Northern Plains Indians of North America as well and have been used in other countries to relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism. I’ve been picking them in the morning with some other wild greens for smoothies and I love these new tastes. You may want to research the wild greens in your area, pick them and try them in a smoothie. At the end of the blog we share a few green smoothie recipes from the Cookbook. If you have some nettles in your neighbourhood, give them a try.

As I’ve talked with others here about improving health I often share the value of listening to our bodies, and their common response is, “How do I tune in to my body’s wisdom in choosing food for health?” This is a great question. You’ve probably heard me talk about this before, but I believe it is one of the most fundamental things we can do if we want to stay healthy. For me personally, listening to my body is what keeps me committed to eating for health. When I follow my body I feel great, and when I override what I hear my body say, I feel a lack of energy and nutrients right away.

We all were so intimately connected to this wisdom as little children, and being able to hear our bodies can again be easy with a bit of focus and attention.

Recently, in our Amazing Healthy Slenderness class, we learned a great way to “tune in” to our bodies’ different responses to food. We took several powdered shakes I purchased: Vega for its pea protein, Sun Warrior for its brown rice protein and HealthForce Greens powder. Also, I let every one taste the Sunrider NuPlus that I’ve used for years. Everyone took 1/2 teaspoon of each product dry, with nothing added, closed their eyes and noticed where the energy moved in their bodies. It isn’t the taste that we focused on, but whether it gave us energy and where it moved the energy in our bodies.

You can set up the same test easily and re-connect with your body’s wisdom and direction. It’s best to do this tasting when it’s quiet  so it’s easy to give it your full attention. In the Amazing Healthy Slenderness course, everyone had different responses to what they tasted. Some products spoke strongly to people while other products registered nothing. One person felt a strong attraction to the greens powder, she just knew her body wanted more of that. Another felt energy in her chest from one product, another felt aliveness in her limbs.  This little test can help you begin to sense how your body responds when you give it any type of food. Do you feel more energy, aliveness, attraction to the food you just ate, or is there no response, nothing that is nourished or nurtured by this food?

After sensing how your body responds to smoothie powders and learning what it does and doesn’t benefit from, you can branch out and try the same test with a meal you’ve prepared. Taste the first bite of each different food on your plate in a quiet space. I like to close my eyes while tasting to really pay attention.  I notice how the food affects my body and whether or not it creates energy.  I chew the food well, at least 30 chews per bite. This not only helps with digestion, but gives me time to sense whether or not my body is benefitting from a particular food.

When eating, I use the first few minutes to tune into my body to notice how it receives each food, then I plan my next meals to include more of what my body is nourished by. And remember, what nurtures our bodies changes. So when I listen at each meal, I follow my body’s direction and prepare the food that serves my health best right now. Give it a try for yourself.  It is so confidence building when you rely on your body’s wisdom.  The signals the body sends are subtle, and the more I listen, the more quickly I sense a “yes” or “no” right away.

I always encourage clients to learn to listen to their bodies because there’s so much wisdom there. I’ve always been open to learn from all the experts and food information that I’m drawn to, but I confirm in my experience if  my body benefits from what I’ve just learned.  This way I take the best of others advice and experience, test it in my body, and follow my own body’s wisdom to create an ideal food plan to support health.  It works, and it’s great fun to use this tool to create Amazing Health Effortlessly.

Now I’d like to share a few photos of what we’re experiencing here in Sweden.

And as we mentioned in the last blog, we have published our Cookbook as an eBook. If you would like to read more about the cookbook or purchase it, click here.

Here’s what one person had to say:

“The Cookbook is a comprehensive introduction to a new way of healthy living with food.  For me, the recipe’s are made simple and easy to re-create.  It is great fun using new herb’s, spice’s and combinations of food, resulting in dishes’s that are as artistically beautiful as the photo’s, what fun!   The recipe’s are incredibly delicious!  My body responds to this alive food with an energy of delight!” Christine Y.

Also, we’ve included a couple of recipes from the Cookbook below. If you have any nettles nearby you can use them in place of the kale or collards! Enjoy preparing a smoothie and tasting it in a quiet space to see how your body responds.

To your Amazing Health Effortlessly,



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