We are still in Sweden doing training with Balanced View in the Nature of Mind.  One reason I was so drawn to Balanced View is that it offers mental and emotional stability at a level I was always seeking but never found. To build a true foundation of health, I’ve seen that mental and emotional stability is essential. Without it, many health conditions persist or develop.  One of the unique and important features of the Balanced View program is its long term support to assure success. The training is so brilliantly constructed and taught that Bill and I can’t get enough.

While here at the Balanced View Centre in Sweden, I met a former banker who had a fascinating story to tell about how Balanced View helped him break a strong addiction to over-eating.  Some years ago, while working as a banker, Joe was drinking heavily, using drugs and over-eating. He let go of the alcohol and then the drugs and replaced those addictions with more over-eating.  He lived on rich meaty food, pizza, microwaved ham and cheese,  and hardly ever ate vegetables or fruits. He gained weight and developed diabetes.

Junk Food

So he got interested in eating better and learned about raw food. As beneficial as raw food can be for health, Joe didn’t see many results because he would enjoy a raw food meal and then an hour or two later, escape into the world of hamburgers, pizza, and other fast foods.  He liked what he was learning about food and health but it didn’t break the cycle of binging and over-eating.

I’ll let Joe continue his story:
“I tried many things to break my food addiction cycle like hypnotherapy and other techniques, but they didn’t touch it. In my exploration to stop poisoning myself, I found Balanced View and took several trainings. With this much in my life began changing, but my eating addiction didn’t change at first.

After some time of continuing to practice what I learned in the Balanced View Training, the eating began to be affected.  I was no longer troubled or upset with my eating behavior.  In the past when I ate something  not great I would feel depressed. I’d tell myself I was bad and no good, and that would make me more depressed, which triggered the desire to eat again.

With the Balanced View Training and support of what they call The Four Mainstays, all that negative self-talk stopped. Inside I was feeling happier and happier everyday with things just as they were.  Then I decided to really focused what I learned in the Trainings with every food craving and the unhealthy stuff fell away. I found I was at choice in every situation and I could eat healthy easily.

I find myself now eating foods that sustain me.  I choose not to eat dairy, meat, coffee, and seldom eat sweets. However, if I choose to eat any of these foods it’s fine. I’m allowing all the information that I learned from the health community, which I am so grateful for, to permeate my eating choices and to guide what I eat.  I don’t have to be thinking about it anymore.

I’ve lost 40 pounds slowly and I know more will come off.  I’m deeply grateful for Balanced View and all the changes that I’m experiencing in my life.”

So that is Joe’s story. If you would like to know more about Balanced View you can visit their website at

Bill and I will teach another Amazing Healthy Slenderness class this Fall. If you would like to know more about this class please let us know. The class is based on the fact that when the body is healthy it doesn’t carry excess weight. In addition we will host a weekly Balanced View meeting for people who want to learn more about this program.  These Balanced View meetings will be every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. We ask for a $5 donation that we send to Balanced View and would love to have you join us when we return home the middle of September.

We’ll send a reminder to everyone about the Balanced View meeting and you are most welcome to join us and see if Balanced View would benefit your life. Bill and I feel it is the best choice we have made to create mental and emotional stability no matter what arises.

Also, we have included a recipe from the Cookbook, a raw kale salad that is very easy to make and truly delicious.
Please enjoy.

To your Amazing Health,


Raw Kale Salad


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