I’ve given this blog the title Amazing Health Effortlessly because, in a way, I don’t believe we really need to work hard to restore or maintain our health — our bodies do the work. It’s the way our bodies are designed to function actually — our bodies are designed to restore health. This is the principle I have been using in my life and to help hundreds of others restore or improve their health with amazing success for over 20 years .

The way this works is that our bodies constantly renew themselves, that is, new cells are constantly replacing old cells. You may be aware that every day old skin cells fall away. As a result of this natural process, we have a completely new skin every 2-4 weeks. By this same process, we have completely new lungs every 2-3 weeks, and a new liver every 4-6 months. Now here’s the key, if we give our bodies what they need in order to function the way they’re designed, then the new cells can be stronger and healthier than the old cells, and our health is restored.

This is how we can get healthier, effortlessly. We let our bodies do the work. And what I have found our bodies need for amazing health can be said in one short sentence:


Vegetable Garden2
Out of the Garden Patch

Let me explain why I think this simple statement has provided life-changing results for me and so many others I’ve worked with.

High Nutrient Dense
What I believe our bodies need most to restore health are High Nutrient Dense (HND) foods. What we mean by HND foods are the foods that are high in the micronutrients our bodies need to function well and fight disease. These  are things like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients that support our vital functions.

The concept of nutrient density is a measure of how many of these disease fighting nutrients are in a food per calorie. Below is a chart developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman listing the nutrient density of food by different categories. On the right are the categories and on the left is a pictorial guideline of quantities to eat each day from each category. Keep in mind everyone’s needs are different so use this as a guideline and adapt it to suit you. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask me on this blog.


In addition to having the highest amounts of disease fighting nutrients, the foods at the top of the chart are alkaline, anti-inflammatory and highly cleansing. You can see then, if you’re wanting to restore your health, these are the foods to favour.

Whole Foods
The next most important part of this principle is that we eat Whole Foods. Whole foods are foods that are still whole, without anything added or taken away. They aren’t processed in any way. These are vegetables, fruits, beans and lentils, grains, nuts and seeds just as they come from the garden or field. And for oil in its whole food form, we have avocados, flax, chia and hemp seeds.

All processed food starts as whole food, but the processing alters it in some way that leaves it less than whole and usually acidic.  Processing foods include rolling, or milling, polishing, pre-cooking, or freezing. Processed foods come in boxes, bags, cans and jars rather than nature’s packaging.  I caution people, if a food comes packaged or with a label, you probably don’t want to eat it for restoring health.

Besides providing the full range of nutrients, a number of tests have shown that the nutrients in whole food are more readily absorbed and available longer. Processed foods have far less nutrients.

Organic Foods
Foods that are grown organically are also important if you want to restore your health. Organic foods are grown without herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetic modification or germ-killing radiation.

I recently spent 2 months eating conventionally grown foods because that was all that was available, and my body craved more nutrients . I especially noticed it when I began eating organic, whole foods again.  Eating conventionally grown food, the nutrients were missing and I could really tell the difference.

The 2 main reasons I recommend organic are:
1. Higher nutrient levels
2. No herbicide or pesticide residues

      Higher Nutrient Levels
Research at Rutgers University has shown that organic food has more nutrients than conventional food, as you can see in the chart below.

Organic Chart-Rutgers Reduced.pdf
Nutrients in Organic vs. Conventional Foods

      Herbicides and Pesticides
Another reason to eat organic is to avoid the residues of the herbicides and pesticides.

Herbicides and pesticides are poisons.  Their purpose is to kill weeds and pests that compete with the cultivated food crop and damage it.  Unfortunately, these poisons can’t be completely removed from the food, so we take in small amounts when we eat conventionally grown foods.

I believe that eating the residues of these poisons each day would tax my body significantly over time, and I’ve seen the effect of this by watching people’s symptoms disappear when they start eating organic foods.

Wide Variety
Our bodies need a wide variety of nutrients for all of our complex systems to function properly. Sometimes we need only a trace amount, but without it, systems begin to function poorly and disease can result. By eating a wide variety of HND foods, we’re ensuring that we get the full range of trace elements that are critical to our bodies’ well being.

So eat a wide variety of organic, HND whole foods to have amazing heath.  Test it in your own experience and see how your body responds.  Let go of dairy for a week and see what you notice. Next let go of sugar, then all processed foods.  Each week you will notice a difference and become more sensitive to what your body wants to eat versus following old programming and beliefs that override your body’s wisdom.  Then let go of alcohol and see how you feel.  Your body will let you know what it wants to have amazing health.

In our next post we will talk about what I consider the best sources of protein, carbohydrates and “good” fats are.  I look forward to sharing more then.

To your amazing health,



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