I find teaching others how to eat to restore health very rewarding. One of the most rewarding parts is helping them find their way through the challenges that come up as they’re making what are sometimes fundamental changes in lifestyle. I want to share a few easy solutions that make Eating for Amazing Health very effortless.

I’m working with 3 groups of people in my classes right now and almost everyone reports how amazing it is that vegetable juicing takes away cravings and gives vitality and energy far beyond their expectations. You don’t have to be in one of my classes to enjoy the benefits of juicing. Enjoy as much juice each day as you desire with the recipes below.  Juicing gives the body a very high level of nutrient NOW. And juice is easy to digest, giving our bodies lots of energy to regenerate. This is so good. Have a look and see if you’re drawn to give it a go.

Dandelion Greens

The photo here is of dandelion greens. They feed and nourish the liver.  Yes, those pesky little “weeds” are very nutritious and so good in juicing. Their taste reminds me of the smell of the earth when I buried my face in the lawn as a child and explored what was there. They are also great added to salads and especially good in green smoothies. Try them if you haven’t already.

With all our increasing interest in juicing, we decided to purchase a new juicer. Bill and I juice everyday now. We just love it. And it gives our bodies the best hit of nutrients we can find from anything. We used a Braun MP 80 juicer for a long time, it was about $100 and worked great.  It’s a centrifugal juicer that some feel isn’t the best for extracting nutrients.  Our new juicer is an Omega VRT 350. This is a juicer that presses the juice and it’s great.  We get a bit more juice from our veggies and it’s quicker to juice than the centrifugal type and easier to clean.  The Omega was just under $400,  and knowing we’re going to be juicing a lot it is worth the investment to us. Here’s a video that talks about the difference:

Start with a model you can afford and that is EASY TO CLEAN.  If it isn’t easy to clean most people won’t use it.

Begin juicing and see how your body responds. The cost is reasonable for all those nutrients.  We just juiced, as you see in the photos below. And to get 12 ounces of juice, the cost was under $4.00 for all organic ingredients.  And everyone tells me when they juice they have much less appetite for other foods. My opinion is when we give the body high levels of nutrients, it is fulfilled and nothing more is needed.

In working with all types of people–those who have lived on processed foods, ate all their meals out, or have taken great steps to eat healthy–they all love juicing for what it does for their clarity, energy and improved health.  It can nourish and cleanse your body in ways nothing else can.  One of my clients tells me that a secret of the stars in Hollywood is to juice and make green smoothies before shooting a movie or making an appearance. Juice makes you look younger, more vibrant and beautiful. Try it for yourself and let us know what you learn.

To your Amazing Health Effortlessly,




1½ Granny Smith apples, remove core and seeds before juicing
4 stalks celery
½ bunch cilantro
Juice all and enjoy.  This is delicious, cleansing and energizing.


4 medium carrots                                                 small golden beet
1 parsnip                                                              1/2 bunch parsley
½ English cucumber                                          1/3 lemon
Juice all the ingredients, and you’ll relish the sweet, fresh, rich satisfaction this provides.


 1 apple, remove seeds and core                     ½ kiwi
½ stalk broccoli                                               1 small golden beet
2 carrots                                                          2 celery stalks
Large handful of sunflower sprouts            slice of lime
Delicious.  Enjoy.


2” piece fresh ginger                                            1/3 lemon
1 bunch kale                                                       ½ bunch parsley
2 green apples, remove core and seeds
½ English cucumber
This juice is very cleansing and purifying to the liver.  Enjoy its kick.


4 celery                                                                    4 carrots
1/3 lemon                                                              ½ bunch parsley
1 pear, remove core and seeds
This provides a filling, exotic taste.


1 Granny Smith apple, remove core and seeds
3 carrots
1 stalk broccoli, use the stem and the top parts as well
3 celery stalks
1 small beet
1/2” fresh ginger
This recipe makes a wonderful evening meal.


1 large Granny Smith apple, remove core and seeds
1 stalk broccoli, use all of stalk and top parts
2 celery stalks
2 kiwi fruit, including the skin
Large handful of sunflower sprouts
½ bunch parsley
¼ lime, including skin
This is a fresh morning drink that wakes you up.  I found it the most filling of all the juices.  Give it a try.  Bill also loved it.


½ English cucumber                                         ½ bunch parsley
2 large carrots                                                    ½ parsnip
½ golden beet                                                     ½ apple, any variety
Also, add a slice of lime or lemon or 1” piece fresh ginger to vary the taste of this juice.
This is a delicious happening.


  1. I’m not sure how I missed this blog when it was posted but was looking back to find something and came across it. I have been researching juicers to purchase and this is very handy. I am excited to order something so I can try your recipes!!

    • Dear Mandy, So happy you saw this post. We love our juicer. I’m inclined to pet it each time I use it because it works so well. We juice every day and feel great.
      It is wonderful to hear you want to buy a juicer. Call the store that carries it. Sometimes they have a discount coupon that will get you 20% off.

      Love, Connie

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