Oh, this is exciting to share. I just finished 2 classes with amazing people and they have chosen a new lifestyle that is creating stellar results. This happened by applying the 2 main principles of the Amazing Healthy Slenderness course:
1) Eat a wide variety of organic High Nutrient Dense whole foods and,
2) A healthy body doesn’t carry excess weight.

A Few HND Foods We Prepared In Class

A Few High Nutrient Dense Foods We Prepared In Class

Christine lost more than a dress size and figures she’s lost 10 to 12 pounds or more in 3 1/2 weeks. She hasn’t gotten on a scale because how many pounds we lose is not our goal. As we get healthier, weight loss occurs naturally without any thought of dieting.  Yes!

Anna was bright as a shiny penny after the first 2 weeks. She shared that she had energy for 2 days that she hadn’t experienced for months and her clothes were fitting loosely where they used to be tight.  This is the best part– her body is receiving the nutrient it needs so the weight falls away easily and she has more energy.  These are simply signs of improving health, and great health is our birthright. After 5 weeks Anna lost more than a dress size.

You can have these results and more. It’s all outlined in my cookbook starting on page 6. Or if you’d like to work with me in person, a special new class is ready to begin. I’m calling it Amazing Healthy Slenderness Immersion because it’s 4 days straight, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in our home from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. We’ll prepare and enjoy 3 meals each day together, go on 2 shopping excursions, learn how to create our own recipes and  learn the principles that transform health and appearance.

AHS Immersion is limited to 4 exceptional people who want improved health, greater energy and effortless weight loss.  In addition,we will continue for 6 weeks after the 4 day Immersion, cooking a dish each week together over interactive video on our computers where we can talk together, share successes, learn from one another and get our questions answered. During this once a week cooking adventure, you’ll integrate what we covered in the Immersion, totally hand’s on at home.

I’m looking for 4 people who:
• are committed to health and lifestyle changes that give on-going results.
• want to lose inches and never diet again.
• are interested in mental and emotional stability around eating.

Working with the Amazing Healthy Slenderness Classes, I’m especially fascinated with how we can move way beyond old emotional eating patterns.  I want to  share this class with 4 people who have a burning desire to experience this freedom.

Click here to READ THE FLIER

So give me a call if you’re interested and we can learn about one another and I’ll give you all the details.  My phone is (780) 481 7917.  I’m ready to begin as soon as the 4 people step forward.

Please enjoy the recipe below for a most delicious Green Lentil dish, great for cold, snowy days (if you live in a land like we do.)

To Your Amazing Health Effortlessly,


Green Lentil Stew


2 cups Green Lentils or French Green Lentils, sort, wash, drain and add to large soup pan
Purified water to cover lentils by 2 to 3 inches
1 large onion, diced fine
6 cloves garlic, minced
3 stalks celery, diced
4 carrots, cut in diagonal slices 1/4″ thick
3 red skin potatoes, cut in hearty cubes
3 to 4 Jerusalem artichokes (sun chokes), scrub well and cut in cubes
2 zucchini, cut in 1/4″ half moons
1 teaspoon Mrs. Dash “Extra Spicy”
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 tablespoons coconut oil
sea salt to taste (approximately 1 heaping teaspoon)
4 collard leaves  cut finely like confetti , to add just before serving

In large pan add lentils, purified water, onion, garlic and celery. Bring to a boil, cover and turn heat to low.  Let cook as you wash and cut carrots, potato and Jerusalem artichokes. Add these vegetables and let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. The last 15 minutes of cooking add zucchini. When lentils are tender, add finely cut collard leaves, Mrs. Dash, black pepper, coconut oil and sea salt to taste. This is a delicious dish with steamed green beans or asparagus on the side, or a beautiful salad with tomato, cucumber, avocado, radish and olive oil and umeboshi vinegar or apple cider vinegar dressing. (5 parts olive oil to 1 part umeboshi or apple cider vinegar)  Enjoy.


  1. Dear Connie, I bought Joel Fuhrman’s book in January and am delighted with the results of HND food eating. I’ve lost 35 lbs and still losing, my cholesterol went from dangerously high to normal, I’ve noticed that my memory has improved, and I’ve added short stints of running to my morning walk (haven’t been able to run without pain since college, I’ll be 50 this year). I’m pretty excited to see that others so close to home are enjoying the benefits of HND foods.
    Warmly, Tom.

    • Dear Tom, Thanks for your testimonial of High Nutrient Dense Foods. They make such a difference in people’s lives when they step up and begin eating this way. I love hearing your progress and benefits. Thank you.
      Warmly, Connie

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