As you know, I’ve been teaching lots of classes lately to help people improve their health and they experience losing weight as a result. It always thrills me to see how when we eat High Nutrient Dense (HND) foods we lose weight naturally without dieting, without portion control, without counting calories.

And as I keep learning more about what works best, I share that with the next class. So, each class always has new recipes, dishes and cooking methods.

In November I went to the States to teach Amazing Healthy Slenderness to my 3 sisters. It was a 5-day intensive where we cooked and ate together all day each day. It was so much fun! One of the things we did was fresh vegetable juice each morning and we learned so much about how powerful this is in removing cravings and increasing energy and a sense of well-being.

Ever since then, I’ve been juicing daily. I’ve had even higher levels of energy (and my energy is always strong), and I’ve had no desire for anything but HND foods.

What creates all the magic is high nutrient density from micronutrients. So what are micronutrients? Micronutrients are things like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and enzymes. We only need small amounts of these, hence the term micro, but when we don’t get these small amounts, we start having health challenges and often gain weight as well.

There’s another category of nutrient also called macronutrients. These are protein, carbs and fat. Our bodies need big amounts of these, hence the term macro.

One way to get a sense of micronutrient value in different foods is to compare a piece of broccoli and a piece of bread. Broccoli, which is a HND food, doesn’t have just 10 times the micronutrients of a piece of bread, it has 1000 times more micronutrients. Over time, that kind of difference can really affect our health.

There’s a great video on the value of micronutrients. It’s a PBS television show by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In this program, he explains the benefits of micronutrients and how they provide our bodies with what it needs to heal, remove cravings, prevent disease, lose weight and create extraordinary health. There are 4 parts, each 15 minutes long. You can watch them by clicking below.

If you only do one thing to support your health this week, watch this video.

And here’s our chart of HND foods to give you an idea of what a day of eating HND foods can look like. Everyone who has followed these guidelines with us has seen their body respond quickly with better health and energy.


Learn to cook delicious HND foods in your own home with Connie on video live stream. Give me a call for details at (780) 481-7917.

Below is the recipe for the juice I made this morning that had fennel and fresh dill in it. It was sensational. Try it and see!

To Your Amazing Health,


1/3 bunch of fresh Dill, cut off tough lower parts of stems
1/2 Fennel Bulb, cut in pieces
1 bunch Parsley, cut off tough lower parts of stems
6 Carrots, remove tops and bottoms and cut in 3″ pieces
3 Granny Smith Apples, core and cut in chunks
2 stalks of Celery, cut in 3″ pieces
2-3″ piece of fresh Ginger
1/2 Lemon, remove seeds and cut in quarters using the lemon peel with its many nutrients

Juice the above and be ready for a real treat.

4 thoughts on “MICRONUTRIENTS

    • Dear Sandra, Thank you for asking so I may clarify in the the recipe. The peeling of the lemon is used as well. It contains nutrients and properties that help prevent high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and are anti-cancer. The peeling has far more nutrients than the juice. It adds a great zing to the taste of the juice as well.

      Warmly, Connie

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