CoverPeople often ask about the Cookbook on Amazing Health so I wanted to share more about it and offer a few more of the recipes for you to enjoy.

The first section is all about Fundamentals and setting up your kitchen so cooking for health is easy. You learn how to save time doing Healthy Grocery Shopping, how to make food taste great, and how to cut veggies so the food looks irresistible.   Here are a few of the many photos Bill took of me cutting veggies in a variety of ways. I find the way I cut the food makes a big difference in its eye and tummy appeal. Try these cuts out for yourself and notice how it changes the appeal of a dish.

Half-Moons and Triangles

Next comes Breakfast Recipes and Green Smoothies. They are quick and easy and very yummy.

Then the most gorgeous Soups with photos so inviting you want to dive in. With asparagus available right now, try this Asparagus Elixar, it is a great anti-cancer food.

Cookbook Elixar

Then there are 15 different Salad Recipes, perfect for Summer eating. And after Salads is Greens, where you can learn what are they and how to make them taste great. Then a large section of Lentil and Bean Recipes to provide healthy plant protein.

Next are the Vegetable dishes and after that Healthy Grains. Here’s a Grain and Veggie recipe you will love that gives a complete one-dish meal and takes little time to cook if you have your grain prepared in the refrigerator.One Dish Meal

One Dish Meal 2

After Grains come Desserts and Holiday Foods with some fabulous Fruit Sorbets, perfect on a hot Summer day and take only minutes to make.


To purchase the Cookbook simply click here. It’s $19.95 and you can use PayPal or your credit card. Then you can begin cooking for Amazing Health Effortlessly. It’s so worth it to care for your body with these delicious, health-giving foods.

Many people have asked for printed copy, but we produced it only as an eBook. With all the colour pictures a printed version would cost $60 and we wanted to keep it affordable. What many people who want hard copies have done is to take the download to Staples and have them print it in black and white and bind it. It costs about $11.00.

To your amazing health,





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