For 25 years I’ve been helping people restore their health. I’ve seen hundreds of my friends and clients with the ailments that are common in our culture today like high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis get off their meds, lose excess weight and return to a level of health that they experienced in their youth. But over the years I’ve also seen that what we’re all looking for as “good health” includes a level of well-being that is so much more than just our physical health.

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High Nutrient Dense Whole Foods

The physical health of my body is definitely influenced by what I eat. I’ve built my business around the improvements people experience when they eat High Nutrient Dense (HND) whole foods and give up low nutrient dense processed and fast foods. But well-being for me is deeper than the physical health I gain from what I eat. It has to do with how I relate to the world. It has to do with how comfortable I feel no matter what circumstance I find myself in. It has to do with a level of mental and emotional stability that isn’t shaken when difficulties or even misfortune surprise me. I realize that the level of health that I’ve always been seeking includes both the physical health I’ve achieved and helped others achieve, along with the mental and emotional stability to weather any storm in my life.

And the interesting thing is that I’ve seen that this mental and emotional stability affects my physical health as well. It affects how well my body utilizes the HND foods we eat. When we’re under pressure or distressed for a length of time, it doesn’t matter how good the food we eat is, our physical health begins to be compromised. True health and well-being is determined by the lifestyle we live, not just the quality of food we eat.

I’ve searched for years for what would provide the lifestyle piece for the mental and emotional stability I knew was possible. Seminars, books, “gurus” and teachers, I tried it all. And although they all had their value, I never found real stability.

Recently I discovered Balanced View, an organization that teaches how to gain mental and emotional stability by learning the true nature of mind. Quickly I saw this was the final piece I’d searched for and my experience keeps proving that Balanced View transforms the way I relate to myself and to everyone, and continually provides greater and greater benefit in every area of life.

If you would like to learn more about them right now you can watch this video clip of one of the Balanced View trainers:

We were in Sweden at the Balanced View Centre  (photos below) recently and I had a banner day in my opening to much more of my inner stability. I’ll tell you what happened. In Sweden all of us who attend run the Centre with volunteer duties. On my team we picked, washed and tore the salad for lunch and dinner. Having lots of experience in healthy food, this job was very easy for me and I loved sharing what I knew and I enjoyed learning ways to do it better each day.

Balanced View Sweden

Balanced View Center – Sweden

By nature, I like to run things and don’t like to be directed by others. As a result, interacting with our team leader pushed my buttons in a major way. Thanks to Balanced View, now when I’m reacting because I feel I’m asked to do more than my share, or I need to pick lettuce in a way that doubles the time and isn’t ideal, I know exactly what to do to stay in openness and have mental and emotional stability despite what I’m feeling. I just do a simple practice called “Short Moments.” All it involves is relaxing, resting in whatever I’m feeling and allowing everything to be just as it is.

And the great surprise to me was that by resting in what I resisted before, my heart opened and I began naturally relating with my co-workers with more love, care and respect. This way of relating is something I’ve always wanted to feel, and now it happens without any thought or trying. Amazing. And this occurred for me with our team leader as well. What had pushed my buttons only 1 day before, no longer did. It feels like a miracle that I could be free of the tension and anguish that had been so common with interactions like this in the past, situations that I never really found resolution with. To find love in my heart where there used to be annoyance and resentment is incredible. It’s a real gift.

And on a physical level, I’m more and more open, relaxed and excited about every circumstance that shoes up in my life and the stability I have in it. And wow, I’m experiencing a higher level of energy and clarity every day. I see my physical health is even better than before as this deeper, inner sense of well-being increases.

If you would like to learn more, Bill and I invite you to join us on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m. for a Balanced View meeting. We connect with others in Canada through the internet and learn and experience the true nature of our mind. We are deeply grateful for all the amazing benefits we keep receiving from Balanced View and would love to share an introduction to Balanced View with you if you are interested. We ask for a $6 donation to send to the trainer who hosts the meeting over the internet.

And after each meeting we share tea and treats and get to know one another better.

To your amazing health effortlessly,


  1. This is alll a great thing !! Yes,… I too have noticed that for me ,… I can be eating sleeping and moving my body,… but if I don’t manage my daily life too much work or too much play ,… not handling stressful things in a mindful manner . Then I don’t FEEL great,…. these things for me are paramont !! Eat ,.. sleep ,… a little bit of work ,.. a little bit of play ,… and to be mindful of my thoughts and to love allllll of me,… even my dark sides,… laughing at my silly thoughts and where they can lead me to ,… or not !! 🙂 Lots of Love to you and Bill and once again,…. thnks for being you !!
    Christine still smilin 🙂

    • Dear Helga, So pleased you have an interest in the classes. They are so worthwhile. Please give me your Skype address and a good time to talk and I’ll connect with you there.

      Warmly, Connie

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