Hello Dear Friends,

Recently someone asked me to explain how I cook grain. I knew she was cooking for someone I love very much and I wanted the grain to contain every element—from the most subtle energy to the more gross—that may make it healthy and healing.

Walking home from her house, I thought, “This is something that others may find useful and want to know.” So lets take a journey together through the world of Cooking Healing Grains: 

Start by buying whole grains, without broken bits. Whole grains have the most nutrients. And when buying brown rice, if you see green grains they contain more chlorophyll, adding extra nutrients to brown rice. If brown rice has no green grains, it may mean the rice was gassed to remove the chlorophyll.IMG_0486

Put the grain in a pan to wash it, and know that it will double in volume when cooked. Then wash it thoroughly. Rinse the grain again and again until the water is completely clear. (One tip from Macrobiotic philosophy is to swirl the rice in one direction while washing, such as clockwise, to keep the energy coherent. The next time you wash grain, swirl counterclockwise. This gives both energetics to the grains you eat.)

Add purified water so you have twice the water to grain. There is a cool way to know the exact amount of water needed without having to use measuring cups. Add enough purified water so the grain can be evened out at the bottom of the pan. The photos below will make it clear.

Then put your finger to the bottom of the grain and with you thumb hold a point where the grain ends. Then put your finger on top the grain and fill with purified water until it reaches the point on your thumb. Check out the photos to easily understand these steps.

Now, add a three inch piece of Kombu seaweed to give extra minerals and a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt. Turn the pan on medium high and let come to a vigorous boil. Then turn the heat to very low and cover the pan. Let cook for 50 minutes without stirring or removing the lid. You’ll want to use a burner with a small flame so the grain doesn’t boil over. (Again I learned from Macrobiotis, cooking grain 50 minutes after coming to a boil gives lots of fire energy to the food. This supports healing.)

When cooked, serve the grain by dishing from the very bottom to the top of the pan.  Each place in the pan will carry a different energetic. Dishing this way points again to the subtle energies in food.

Also, keep lots of variety in your grain choices—one time make brown rice, next maybe brown rice and quinoa, next millet and quinoa, then buckwheat on its own or with 1/3 cup amaranth. This variety gives lots of varied nutrients and tastes and textures, so eating grain is always an adventure. Enjoy lots of combinations with whole grains. Grains have a sweet taste, chew them well and you may be surprised how sweet they are.

I’ve given you lots of detail to enhance the healing qualities of grain. I encourage you to try it, test it out and see how your body responds to cooking grain this way. Remember in making any choice for Amazing Health, listening to your body is always the best authority.

One last thought, if you need to eat gluten free grains or are following a Candida eating plan, choose quinoa, millet, buckwheat and amaranth. They are delicious and will support you best.

To Your Amazing Health,




  1. You are simply the best !!! My food guru,.. thanks for being you !! xxoo
    christine from Canada 🙂 still smilin

    • Thanks for the tips. I had no idea. What if you want to cook it in a pressure cooker for 22 minutes as I usually do? Will this undo some of the good?

  2. Dearest Margery,
    With beans you need to sort them on a plate first to remove stones before washing and soaking. It’s a bit of a different process, but the washing and dishing could certainly apply.

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