The Genetic Link to Alzheimer’s

Someone asked about the genetic link to Alzheimer’s this morning and whether or not food could make a difference.  This short blog addresses this important issue.

Dr. Neal Barnard, in his YouTube video on the subject states that even if both parents carry the genetic tendency, it has been found that eating High Nutrient Dense Whole Foods, leaving out the animal foods, dairy, and processed foods, people can often completely avoid Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Barnard is a world authority on the brain and has a special interest in this research as both his parents and both sets of grand parents suffered from Alzheimer’s. Have a look at his 9 minute YouTube Video:

To Your Amazing Health


5 thoughts on “The Genetic Link to Alzheimer’s

  1. Thank you Connie, I miss you so much. You have been an inspiration in my life, but it is so hard for me to eat the right way without you. I really regret that you are not here, i do miss you so much.

    • Dearest, Dear Toni,
      We miss you and all our beautiful Edmonton friends. We are taking steps here in California to meet people who wish to restore their health with whole foods. The body, as you know, is a miracle and designed to heal itself. Working with juice, smoothies and so much delicious fresh produce, right from the field, is a great joy for us.

      A suggestion Toni to help with your eating healthier foods, do a short moment before you choose what to eat, and see what happens.
      We love you very much,

      • Good afternoon Connie, thank you for your wise advise as always.
        Please say Hello to Bill and keep enjoying your beautiful, marvellous and desirable life that you and Bill had built together. I will e-mail you.
        Much love,

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