BUSY LIFE And Urban Remedy

Dear Friends, hello. I’m off on a new adventure! I’m managing an organic juice and food store known as Urban Remedy. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to share with customers my knowledge of health and High Nutrient Dense (HND), organic whole foods. All the products are organic, HND and the slogan of the store is “Food Is Healing.” Yes, that’s my kind of food and that is certainly my experience here!

So I am sharing photos of Urban Remedy’s store and our products. They have 4 stores in San Francisco and Marin County, with a 5th to open soon. And it is so fun to see how loyal our customers are, loyal and grateful for this beautiful food.

The President is Neka Pasquale, an acupuncturist and expert in Chinese Medicine. I’m so impressed by the juices and food products she creates. A major reason I wanted to work with Urban Remedy is that after doing their 3-day juice cleanse, I was full of bliss and clarity. I’ve done many cleanses before with juicing and even water only fasts, and I’ve never had this experience. So I contacted them and shared that I wanted to be a part of building their company. They’re a great company with lots of expansion plans.

The photo below is of a new food product “VLT.” It is a mock bacon, lettuce and tomato using eggplant that tastes just like bacon. Then avocado, lettuce and tomato are added and a faux cheese made from nuts that tastes like mayonnaise. It’s all wrapped up in a coconut wrapper and is truly delicious. So you can see how creative and innovative Urban Remedy is.

They have juices like “Warrior” and “Green Berry” that are awesome. Both are made from berries, and “Green Berry” has kale and spinach added to give it the greens that so many of us love.

I’ve included one of Neka’s skin cleansing juice recipes below for you to enjoy.

To Your Amazing Health,

Skin Cleansing Juice
(Makes 1 serving)

Make this to clear up skin rashes or other skin disturbances. The beta carotene supports healthy and glowing skin. Parsley also helps clear the eyes.

1 Cucumber
4 stalks Celery
1/4 bunch flat-leaf Parsley
2 cups Spinach
2 Kale leaves
3″ piece of Burdock Root (scrub well to clear away any clinging dirt)
3 Carrots

Juice the vegetables in the order above and enjoy.

13 thoughts on “BUSY LIFE And Urban Remedy

  1. Congratulations , dear Connie, for your new adventure where you can pass on all your great experiences with wholesome food. Fantastic when everything works together in the right time. I wish you lots of fun !
    Would you,please ., pass on the recipe for the juice fast? I would like to do it as well.
    Love, Helga

    • Hi Dear Helga,
      Thanks for your kind words. The recipes for the juice fast I don’t have. The fast includes 6 bottles of juice daily, each one very different from the next. It’s great.
      Most people do a 3 day juice fast with 3 different cleanses.
      Much love to you and your husband,

  2. Hi Connie Why am I not surprised that Urban Remedy has grabbed the opportunity to employ you. You will be an inspiration to their clients and help grow their business. They are lucky you found them. Love Daile

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