Quickest Dinner Ever

I am focused on making meals delicious, healthy and quick, since we, like all of you, live busy lives.

We eat dinner around 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. to have intermittent fasting between dinner and breakfast at 7:00 a.m. the following morning. This helps keep us trim, and we love feeling that way at our age.

Many days we help a friend in his business until 4:00 p.m.  So when we arrive home, we want to fix a meal in record time that is yummy and health giving.

I’m sharing our Mexican Pizza as the main course. We served it with a simple salad made of greens and sliced cucumber and the nut salad dressing I shared in the last blog. So good, and it took only minutes.

Pizza Ingredients

To make the Mexican Pizza, use Organic Corn Thins, Sesame or Whole Grain. I like 4 of them for 4 mini pizzas. On top we spread Amy’s Organic Refried Beans. Then comes a layer of Organic Salsa. We buy Que Pasa because it’s organic and doesn’t contain sugar. Next come organic diced orange or red pepper and organic diced tomato. Now pop it in the oven until it is warmed through by broiling on high 5 to 7 minutes. When heated, top with diced avocado and enjoy. You see how appealing it looks and the taste is great.

Quick Mexican Pizza

Four of these pizzas with a large lettuce, cucumber salad and a nut and seed dressing is a marvelous, delicious meal. Try it for yourself and be amazed at the great taste created in no time.

Salad With Nut Dressing

To Your Amazing Health,


2 thoughts on “Quickest Dinner Ever

  1. Hi Connie, Love your demonstration of constraint in not eating for at least 13 hours overnight. This is very good. We try for it here, sometimes not easily for myself. The backup comments are great…I will keep trying.
    with thanks and love, Felicia

  2. Dearest Felicia, I always love hearing from you. Life has ups and downs and we do the best we can, each of us always. What’s most important is that we enjoy each small step.
    Love, Connie

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