Weight Loss And Your Body’s Wisdom

A client came to us recently wanting to lose weight. We’re confident about our weight loss approach because we know a healthy body doesn’t carry excess weight. And we know that by eating a wide variety of High Nutrient Dense whole foods, she will get healthier and drop the unwanted pounds.

She has a sweet tooth and was often looking for sweets to satisfy something. Contrary to most weight loss programs, we suggested that she try removing all the restrictions around food. No right or wrongs. No good or bads. No this much of that and that much of this. Seeing food just as food.

She had trouble believing what she was hearing, but she’s a great student and was open to giving it a try.

To her surprise, she’s doing great with it, and at one point we asked if she wanted to let go of an inflammatory food for a week and see what she learned. We and she were delighted with her experience. Have a listen:

When we have a relaxed mind, it’s natural and easy to be led by our body’s wisdom, our body’s innate intelligence, to amazing health. We make healthy food choices easily because we are designed to thrive. And when our busy thinking of right and wrong, good and bad, this much and not that much is out of the way, we can hear our body’s wisdom clearly and it’s the only thing we want to do.

Let us hear any comments or questions you may have in the “Comment” section below. We always respond and delight in hearing from you.

Cabbage, Kale and Spinach with Zucchini

The recipe today is a Tahini Sauce that’s quick and easy to prepare. It is so delicious over cooked cauliflower with greens and veggies. Remember to dress it with green onions or diced onion. My Sister in Texas just loves this dish. Try it and see how you can make a complete meal with veggies and greens. The Tahini Sauce supplies the protein and whole food fat. Yummm!

Steamed Cauliflower, Greens, Zucchini and Tahini Sauce

To Your Amazing Health,


Tahini Sauce

Tahini and Umeboshi Vinegar

1/3 cup tahini sauce
3 tablespoons Umeboshi vinegar (available at health food stores)
Purified Water

In a small sauce pan add the tahini sauce and Umeboshi vinegar. Stir well. (The mixture will thicken as you stir.)

Turn the heat on low and add purified water, stirring constantly, to create the texture you wish. Start with 1/4 cup Purified Water and then gradually add more until it’s the consistency you enjoy.

Add more Umeboshi vinegar if you want the sauce saltier. When warm and the right consistency, spoon over cauliflower and greens and vegetables. Garnish with sliced green onions or diced onion.

5 thoughts on “Weight Loss And Your Body’s Wisdom

  1. Hi Cinnie and Bill, I have a quick question, what are your thoughts on Kombucha? Is it something that would be good to add to our diet for our gut health?

    When you crave something sweet, what do you reach for?

    Thank you,


    On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 9:36 PM Amazing Health Effortlessly wrote:

    > Connie DeKramer posted: “A client came to us recently wanting to lose > weight. We’re confident about our weight loss approach because we know a > healthy body doesn’t carry excess weight. And we know that by eating a wide > variety of High Nutrient Dense whole foods, she will get heal” >

    • Hi Brenda,
      Your question about Kombucha is a good one. We actually work for a friend with a Kombucha brewery here in Kelowna. We love the benefits it has for digestion and strengthening gut flora so we absorb more nutrients from our food. He makes the best Kombucha I’ve ever tasted. It’s called SaJiva Kombucha.
      If you have sweet cravings that could be the result of several things. Usually it’s that your body is asking for more fruits and vegetables to give you more nutrients. When we have all the whole food nutrients we need, our cravings usually disappear.
      Thanks for your questions.
      Warmly, Connie

  2. Hi, Connie and Bill!
    I have just rediscovered your first cookbook again and am excited to come back to your easy and yummy recipes!
    I do not! need to loose weight but need to improve on gut health, so your recipes will help solving the symptoms!
    Are you back im Canada? We had contact when you lived in Edmonton and moved to the US!
    Please put me on your mailing list!

    • Hi Dear Helga,
      I remember you for sure. Yes, we are back in Canada living in Kelowna and enjoying our lives.
      For great gut health, are you familiar with the GAP diet and also Kombucha? Love to chat with you for more suggestions. Let me know when we might chat over Skype or Zoom.
      Warmly, Connie

    • Hi Dear Helga,
      Yes we live in Kelowna and love being back in Canada. For gut health do you know the GAP diet? Also helpful is Kombucha. Glad you can enjoy my cookbook. I still make many meals that exist in the book.
      Love to chat more on Skype or Zoom about gut health. Let me know if you’re interested.
      Warmly, Connie

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