A Holiday Gift For You

A new way to have great health and lose weight naturally, without any struggle. That is the Holiday gift we want to give to you. This video explains it more:

If you’re interested in the free six week program, just send us a note in the “Comment” section below and we’ll get back to you with more details. It all begins January 9th, 2020. We’re excited and would truly love to have you join us.

The recipe is very simple today. It’s Delicata squash, sweet potato and yams, quick to cook and full of sweetness. So easy to make as the main course of a meal.

Delicata Squash, Sweet Potato and Yams

Also, the salad has left over greens and broccoli from lunch. And I added some sun-dried Moroccan olives to give a flavor burst. All simple and delicious.

Dinner Salad With Moroccan Olives


To Your Amazing Health,


Steamed Delicata Squash, Sweet Potato and Yams

1 Delicata squash seeded and cut in half rounds
2 small yams cut in pieces
2 sweet potatoes cut in pieces
1/4 cup purified water

In a medium size pan add 1/4 cup purified water and the above ingredients. Bring to a boil, cover and turn heat to low. Cook until all are tender (approximately20 to 30 minutes).


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