Why Cleanse?

We’re always talking about how important it is to eat High Nutrient Dense foods to nourish us. If we give our bodies the nutrients they need, they’re designed to restore and maintain high levels of health.

And there’s another part to the equation for good health and that’s cleansing. To stay really healthy we need to both Nourish and Cleanse.

Cleansing the body is like spring cleaning our homes. We get into the deep corners and recesses where dust and dirt have built up and scrub them away.

There are many ways to do a cleanse. It basically involves foods and often the juices of those foods that support our bodies to eliminate the toxins that naturally build up over time from the food we eat, the air we breath and even our metabolic waste.

Learn more in this video:

So, if you’ve never done a cleanse and you feel drawn to try one, there are many available. A great, simple cleanse is to use fresh squeezed juices with dark leafy greens, vegetables and apples. So delicious. You’ll find lots of suggestions on our Recipe page here.

The recipe today is a heavy metal detox smoothie from Anthony William. The spirulina, barley grass powder, dulse and cilantro all help eliminate heavy metals. It is very delicious.

If you have questions about cleanses, connect with us in the “Comment” box below. Happy to hear from you.

To Your Amazing Health Effortlessly,
Connie and Bill

Heavy Metal Smoothie From Anthony William

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

2 bananas
2 cups frozen or fresh blueberries
1 cup fresh cilantro, loosely packed
1 teaspoon barley grass juice powder
1 teaspoon spirulina
1 tablespoon Atlantic dulse flakes
1 orange
1/2 to 1 cup purified water

Blend all ingredients in blender and enjoy.

One thought on “Why Cleanse?

  1. Hey you two 🙂 LOVE Anthony’s wisdom and heart !!! I tried to watch the video,. but could’nt ,. fyi 🙂 xxoo

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