I’ve been having so much fun teaching High Nutrient Dense (HND) Whole Food Classes for the last twenty years. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. And I consistently see people restore their health and lose weight naturally when they apply the principles and tips we share in the classes. It’s really quite simple. From Arthritis to Diabetes (and most all of the other chronic conditions of our modern world) people’s health improves when we give our bodies the nutrients they need.

Health and Natural Weight Loss is a guided, 6-week program designed to help you lose weight naturally without needing to rely on willpower or self-discipline.

It’s based on 2 simple principles: A healthy body doesn’t carry excess weight, and our bodies are designed to regenerate and restore health when we give them what they need.

By learning what anti-inflammatory, High Nutrient Dense foods support our bodies to thrive, we begin to experience new levels of clarity, energy and vitality, and unwanted pounds begin to drop naturally.

In Health and Natural Weight Loss, we also share a groundbreaking new paradigm that helps us unravel old habits and behaviours and tap into our natural health and resilience.

How does it work?

We’ll start with an initial contact call to answer any questions and see that the course is a good fit for you.

We have a private Facebook page for the group to be able to join discussions and share experiences.

Every week throughout the course you receive 2 video lessons teaching you more about the High Nutrient Dense food plan and understanding our experience and habits around food choices from a new perspective, leaving old food habits much less compelling.

New recipes are provided weekly that focus on a new food group that enlivens our bodies capacity to heal and drop excess weight.

And each week you have the opportunity to schedule a 1-on-1 personal coaching call for individualized support, and there is a group call on Zoom to meet live with Connie and Bill and the other participants to share experiences and ask questions.

For more information, email me at

I currently offer cooking classes through the City of Kelowna.

8 thoughts on “Classes

    • Dear Ann, Thanks for your interest in the classes. I hold them in Edmonton and on the Internet. People love the Internet classes because it is all hands on cooking together, I see them and they see me. This way they have food ready after the class that is delicious and often lasts for several meals.

      I like to Skype together for 10 minutes to know what you are passionate about learning, then I can suggest what I think would serve most and you can decide what you feel is best. My Skype name is: conniedekramer. If you let me know when you wish to connect, we’ll talk and I’ll give you all the details as well.

      Warmly, Connie

  1. Connie where are the classes if not internet (sorry if I missed in info) and, cost? The April 6th Series one, that is. Cheers.

    • Hi Dear Janice, Thank you for your interest. I do the classes in Edmonton and on the Internet. If we could Skype for 10 minutes, we can discuss what you are passionate about learning and then suggest a way we can work together. I also do private classes on Skype as well. If you wish, please let me know when we might talk for 10 minutes on Skype, and we can see how to best serve your needs. My Skype name is: conniedekramer.

      Warmly, Connie

  2. Hello Connie, I am interested in attending the introductory session of classes. When will you begin the next session?

    • Hello Kathleen, I always rejoice when someone wants to learn more about eating to create health. It has been one of the most worthwhile journeys of my life and is giving so many benefits as I age, a trim body, no health conditions, pain free and full of energy and creativity. And it would be wonderful to share this knowledge with you.
      I have emailed you my phone number and we can discuss your needs and the best start date for classes then.

      Looking forward to our conversation.
      Warmly, Connie

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