Health & Natural Weight Loss Class

I can’t believe how my body responds to eating high nutrient foods. I’ve lost 20 pounds, but more important I’m really hearing my body’s wisdom about what to eat that supports my health. I’m recovering from cancer and just had knee replacement surgery. My life has changed dramatically.” — Dianne

The Health and Natural Weight Loss course, is a guided, online, 6-week program designed to help you lose weight naturally without needing to rely on willpower or self-discipline. You begin to hear your body’s wisdom about what to eat that is ideal for you.

It’s based on 2 simple principles: 1) Our bodies are designed to regenerate and restore health when we give them what they need and 2) a healthy body doesn’t carry excess weight.

In Health and Natural Weight Loss, we also explore the role the mind plays in creating a healthy relationship with food. This helps us get free of the cravings and self-judgement we have with food and also release any unhealthy habits.

Being free of cravings and unhealthy habits, we develop an intuitive sense of what our bodies need and are drawn to naturally–the foods that provide what we need to maintain a high level of health, vitality and natural slenderness.

How Does It Work?

Every week throughout the course you receive:

  • 2 video lessons about which foods provide the highest nutrient levels to restore health and lose weight naturally along with weight loss accelerator tips.
  • New recipes every week provide lots of variety and delicious anti-inflammatory meals to choose from.
  • A 1-on-1 personal coaching call each week for individualized support in creating a healthy relationship with food.
  • A group call on Zoom to meet live with Connie and Bill and the other participants to share experiences and ask questions. These calls are recorded for you to view if you aren’t able to join live.
  • A private Facebook page for the group to be able to join discussions and share experiences.

The cost of the 6-week program is $498 and includes lifetime access to all the lessons, resources and recordings.

We will be beginning our next 6-week class mid-Spring 2021. Please contact us if you are interested.
Cost: $498
Early Bird price of $448 ($50 savings) if you sign up and pay 1 week before the class begins.

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