Here is the High Nutrient Dense (HND) Food Plan I recommend. The pictures on the left show suggested quantities to eat each day. Everyone is different, so quantities vary from person to person, but these general guidelines are a great place to start. Many people find the quantities listed are more  than they can eat in a day. Don’t feel like you need to eat all that is listed.  A good rule of thumb is to eat until you are 80% full.

The list on the right shows the foods in each category. The grains listed are all gluten-free.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments in the Reply box at the bottom of this page.

To your Amazing Health,

High Nutrient Dense Food Plan and List

High Nutrient Dense Food Plan and List

2 thoughts on “HND FOOD PLAN & LIST

  1. great!!! have been doing it casually and love it… am going to make a copy the plan and put it on the frig tonight…will be doing it 100%. we have lots of wonderful non-white yummy home-made bread in the Mullumbimby area so that is a one that may be gradual…what about pasta if it is not white but soba or gluten free rice and quinoa – still considered under processed??? thanks for all the wonderful tips for living and eating so well!!! Kevala Hart, Mullumbimby, Australia

    • Dear Kevala, Thanks for your enthusiasm and commitment to better health! About beautifully made breads with dark flours, they are better and not ideal if one is trying to restore health. Part of the reason is they are slow to digest and turn into goo and glue in the intestines. So while restoring health, best to avoid. When a real foundation of health is created, then very sparingly. I find I just have no desire for bread after not eating it for sometime.
      Pasta is similar to bread in slowing digestion, etc. What we do when we make pasta is use brown rice spirals. After the pasta is cooked we add several cups of cooked whole grain so it moves through the digestive tract more easily. Also, it tastes great this way and you don’t even notice the grain in the dish.
      Much love, Connie

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