Personal Coaching & Consultation Program

“When I started working with Bill and Connie, within 2 weeks I felt mental and emotional clarity, and within 6 to 10 weeks my body was glowing again like in my early 20s.  I am down 2 dress sizes. My mental and emotional health is vibrating with joy, not just as a result of the food, but also due to the one-on-one coaching sessions Bill and Connie had with me.” — Aisha

Our 1-on-1 Personal Coaching and Consultation Program offers a personalized, fast track to quickly restore health and lose weight naturally.

Moving at your own pace, Bill and Connie draw on their experience to provide in-depth knowledge and guidance, specifically addressing your needs.

How Does It Work?

  • 6 – 60-minute coaching calls developing food plans, guidelines and personal coaching to provide the quickest and most long-lasting results in losing weight and becoming symptom free. These calls can be recorded for your future reference.
  • Video lessons outlining the principles and methodologies behind the High Nutrient Dense health and weight loss program.
  • Dozens of recipes providing delicious ways to add High Nutrient Dense foods to your daily routine.
  • Regular access through emails between calls to fine tune your program and answer any questions.
  • Video recommendations and reading materials to deepen your understanding.

The cost of the 6-session program is $525.

Let us know if you are interested or would like more information.