Regeneration is one of the most powerful capacities we have when it comes to health. Regeneration is our bodies ability to restore health naturally. It’s our ability to overcome and recover from health challenges and disease. It’s how we get rid of a cold, and how our finger heals if we cut it.

The way regeneration works is quite simple: the cells of our bodies are constantly renewing themselves. Did you know that every 35 days we have all new skin? And in 6 months we have a whole new liver?

It may look like we have the same skin month after month, but every cell is new. Same with our liver, heart, lungs and bones. Everything. We’re constantly renewing ourselves.

What this means is that healthy new cells can replace the unhealthy old ones. When this happens, we see our bodies regenerate.

What’s interesting though is that along with our ability to regenerate comes the ability to degenerate.


When we develop health conditions, it’s the result of degeneration. It’s the opposite of regeneration. It’s the deterioration of healthy cells and tissue, which in time show up in the form of arthritis, high blood pressure and countless other conditions.

Our bodies are very complex, with over 75 trillion cells. There’s constant monitoring of acid/alkaline balances, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and so on.

Our Approach

Although the body is very complex, our approach to health is very simple. And we’re able to keep it simple because even though the body is complex, it follows simple principles.

For us, the body is the cure. We don’t try to diagnose and treat. We let the body do the work by relying on its built-in ability to regenerate.

So again, if our bodies can regenerate, why do we end up with arthritis, high blood pressure and the like?

Well, there’s a simple reason for that. Our bodies have evolved to adapt and accommodate all kinds of stress, and even abuse … for a while. It’s how we survive. We can starve for a while, or over eat for a while. We can eat lots of acid foods or sugar foods for a while. We can go without sleep for a while, and we can endure high levels of stress for a while.

But at some point, when the body has had either too much of something it doesn’t need or not enough of something it does need, it calls for help. It says, “Help!” in the form of arthritic pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other name a doctor might give it.

These are all signs that degeneration is taking place. It’s a sign that the new cells being created aren’t as healthy as the old ones were. And regardless of the name of the condition, these are all different ways our bodies are telling us they need help.

A Bucket of Water

Here’s a way to understand the process. Think of a bucket with water in it. As long as the water stays in the bucket, everything is fine. Now, if we start putting rocks into the bucket, the water level starts to rise. At some point, we put one more rock in and the water spills over the top. When the water spills over the top, that’s when things need attention.

In this analogy, water spilling over the top is when we begin to experience symptoms like arthritic pain or high blood pressure. The condition had been developing for a long time, but we weren’t aware of it because it hadn’t gotten “over the top” to where we felt it.

People are often surprised when they begin to feel pain or learn that their blood pressure is above normal because it doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything different from the day before when they didn’t feel any pain. It seems like all of a sudden the symptom appeared, out of the blue. So why today and not yesterday?

Well, the problem was there yesterday too. Rocks were being added but we didn’t know there was a problem because the water wasn’t spilling over the top yet.

We often think the high blood pressure is the problem, but the high blood pressure is really just the water spilling over the top, the symptom telling us we’ve put too many rocks in the bucket. The symptom isn’t the problem. Putting rocks in the bucket is the problem.

The symptoms and conditions we develop are just our bodies’ way of saying “That’s too much. Help!”

The good news is, because the body is able to regenerate, most all the health challenges we experience can be resolved by changing whatever puts rocks in the bucket.

Basically, the rocks in the bucket are the things that stress our bodies. Things like not getting all the nutrients we need … overeating or under eating … overworking, under working … worry and depression. We know what causes stress, right? So, we know what puts rocks in the bucket.

Our specialty is helping people know what food and lifestyle choices have put rocks in the bucket. We show people which foods create the stress that leads to degeneration, and which foods provide us with the nutrients our bodies need to regenerate. (Here’s a link to the High Nutrient Dense Food List if you’d like to look at that.)

What we need to keep in mind is that when we stress our bodies we’re putting rocks in the bucket. Even though we may not see the results of putting rocks in right away, the water is getting closer to spilling over every time we do.

Formula for Regeneration

So, the formula for regeneration is simple: provide the nutrients our bodies need and eliminate the sources of stress. Our bodies are able to regenerate naturally when we give them what they need. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this.

There are hundreds of recipes on this site using HND foods in the most delicious way. Take some time and try them out.

Also, Connie has a cookbook with many more.

High Nutrient Dense foods provide our bodies with what they need to create healthy cells throughout our lifetime. We really don’t need to experience the chronic health conditions that plague our country.

If you have any specific questions about how to make the shift to HND foods, leave a comment in the comment section below.