Hello Dear Friends,

Canadian Winter Wonderland

Bill and I wish you healthy, fulfilling holidays. You can see what a beautiful Winter Wonderland shines brightly here in Canada.

We are honoured to be on this journey of Amazing Health Effortlessly with each one of you. We will resume our blog posts after the holiday season and share many new topics  and recipes for your  enjoyment.

Below are 2 recipes for the most amazing raw cranberry sauce and stuffed Winter Sqaush from my Cookbook.  If you try these dishes, you’ll be delighted with their look and taste at your holiday meal.

Much love,
Connie and Bill

Raw Cranberry

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 3.21.21 PM
Holiday Squash 2


  1. Connie, I absolutely love that cranberry sauce. As it happens, I have a butternut squash in the refrigerator so I have decided that I will bake it, stuff it & serve it tomorrow. :^)

    • Dearest Dolores, Butternut is difficult to stuff because of its shape. If you mean Buttercup, that works great. Or you can make the stuffing on its own, band the squash and serve them together. That would also be delicious. The Cranberry is amazing. Glad you enjoy it too.

      Much love, Connie

  2. Thank you so much for this holiday greeting! I so appreciate this site and your recipes and encouraging to eat and be amazingly well and healthy. More and more I am aware of what this body needs and giving it. With much love, Susan

    • Thank you dear Susan for listening to your body and responding. The more we eat health giving, high nutrient foods, the more clearly we hear our body’s desire to eat foods that generate health. We arrive at a place where there are no cravings for anything that isn’t health giving. And if we eat old foods that aren’t, we quickly see they don’t satisfy. It is a beautiful, fun journey of learning.

      Much Love, Connie

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