Hello Dear Friends,

We haven’t forgotten you. We are moving house and home so we haven’t given time to post another blog. As soon as we get settled, sometime in early December, we will continue sharing new recipes and information about restoring health with High Nutrient Dense whole foods.

In the meantime, look at “Past Blogs” in the Menu bar above, click on “Micronutrients” and have a second read about where all those tiny nutrients are found that help our bodies regenerate and ward off disease.

PODSYou’ll be hearing from us soon. And here is a photo of what we were up to Saturday. We had 3 strong, handsome friends come and help and you can’t believe how much they accomplished. We are deeply grateful to them. Thanks so much Tim, Guy and Kent. (The lawn chairs are there in case anyone needed sit for a moment to take a break….te-hee.)

To your Amazing Health,


9 thoughts on “WE ARE MOVING

  1. Dearest Connie,

    Your nutritional suggestions are being very beneficial to me. Thank you so much for your love and support.

    Sending you warm hugs,


  2. Dear Connie and Bill: I have thought of you often and wanted to get a visit in before you moved
    But wish you all the best in getting settled.
    Warmly Audrey

    Sent from my iPad


  3. I hope you are not moving outside of Edmonton but I have a feeling it is. Very surprised as I have not kept in touch. Hope it is a good move for both of you wherever it is. Change can be good! Keep in touch.

    • Dear Diane,
      Yes we are moving to California to be with the Balanced View community there. We will keep in touch through my blog and also I’ll be offering new classes on the Internet after Christmas.
      Hugs and all the best,

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