Hello again Dear Friends,

As you know, Bill and I just completed a 6-day road trip from Canada to California. Driving long hours and staying in motels can make eating healthy food a real adventure. And we learned some things on this trip that were very helpful.

The first is that we tucked our Vita-Mix Blender in the trunk. This way, every day we could begin our morning or end our day with a green smoothie. When we drive for hours and don’t get much movement during the day, eating lots of greens and high fiber veggies keeps us feeling great. Including our Vita-Mix was first and foremost in keeping us energized on the road. You can enjoy our favourite “On The Road Again” Smoothie recipe (from the Willie Nelson song by the same title) at the end of this post.

We were surprised and delighted to find how many major grocery stores now carry the organic ingredients we like when we’re on the road. Romaine lettuce, organic spinach, parsley and cilantro were available in most every larger town we stopped in. We also found organic ginger and lemons as well as organic sunflower and pumpkin seeds for our smoothies in a number of places. It seems times are changing with so many more organic options today. This is wonderful, surely a sign that more and more people want to eat organic.

We also found fresh or frozen organic berries and a bottle of organic pomegranate juice for our smoothies. A small amount of pomegranate juice gives a nice flavor boost.

Next a heaping tablespoon of ground flax, and last, stevia for sweetness.

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

Another new discovery was the convenience of a 3-pack of Romaine lettuce. Pre-washed, packaged organic Romaine was easy to find and several times we just ate a whole head like eating an apple, even when we were driving. This works well to take on an airplane too. It is amazing travel food and delicious even without dressing. It supplied our greens for lunch to which we added hummus and cucumber, carrot and red pepper sticks. We had a sharp paring knife with us to easily cut sticks. And the stores were great about washing our produce to enjoy as we traveled.

Another tip is that when we take “pit stops” we often do some movement and exercise that stretches us out and gets the blood flowing. Wow, what a difference even 5 minutes of swinging our arms and touching our toes can make.

We were delightfully lucky in Sacramento. We visited long-time friends of Bill’s and they invited us to stay the night. We had a wonderful time together learning about their beautiful home renovation projects, their glorious fruit trees and garden. The next morning they sent us off with a bag full of persimmons and Meyer lemons from their trees. Are they ever delicious. Yum! Thank you Michael and Martha for all you shared.


Persimmons and Meyer Lemons

Now we are looking for an ideal place to land and create a new home here in California. We will keep you posted.

We send our heartfelt love and wishes for Amazing Health to each and everyone of you.




1 bunch collards, or kale, or parsley, or cilantro or dandelion greens (or a mixture of any of these)
1/2 plastic box of fresh berries or 1/2 package frozen berries
1/2 lemon, seeds removed
2 inch piece of fresh ginger, unpeeled
1/2 cup pomegranate juice
handful of pumpkin or sunflower seeds
1 heaping tablespoon ground flax
1/8 teaspoon liquid stevia (strength of stevia varies by brand, please adjust to your taste)
purified water

Add all ingredients to blender and fill to half full with purified water. Blend well and serve.


  1. Nice to here from you,… its like your still just down the road,… sounds like your having fun,…. exploring new things,… 🙂 Lots of love,.. Christine still smilin 🙂

    Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2014 05:56:47 +0000 To:

  2. Dearest Connie and Bill!

    So wonderful to follow you on your journey! I love so much to read your posts and each time I am newly inspired!

    Where will you be until you find a place? I am wishing you much much much good fortune in finding it fast! Looking already forward to seeing you again, maybe in the spring!

    Sending you oceans of love and giving you a big hug!


    • Dear Komal,
      Thank you for your loving words. Warms my heart to hear from you. We are staying with wonderful friends and enjoying the community in Marin.
      We look forward to our next meeting with you and Araldo. Such precious friends you both are. All the very best in your business ventures.
      Much love,

  3. Hi dear Connie,How are you? Thank you so much for sharing of all your food experiences and knowledge, your gifts and talents. I so enjoy your blog here and learn so much!
    How are things going for you? Are you getting settled? Are things falling into place for you? I am giving up my room here at the end of December, will go to India in January, then come back to move in April. I miss you and so look forward to being with you and the wonderful community and events in California.
    With all my love always and joy in sharing life with you, Susan 💖

    Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2014 05:56:43 +0000

  4. Dear Connie,
    I had not been getting your blog and was deeelighted to find it tonight. I am continuing to enjoy the fruits of a simple life in Hilo being the Grandmother and enjoying my life here. I lived for many years in Sebastopol and I am very curious as to where you have landed.
    If you don’t remember me, I watched Gutama the Buddah with you and Bill and ate popcorn at your home in Alberta.
    It is raining here right now and I am indeed surrounded by water. I will follow your fast and learn from it no doubt.

    • Dear Linda,
      It’s a joy to hear from you and what blessings to be a Grandmother there. I remember you well.
      We have landed in Bolinas, California and love it here. Will you return to California or are you permanent in Hawaii?

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