Water Fast — Second Day

This morning I went for an hour walk and had strong energy. This afternoon there is less energy and I’m feeling more quiet inside. This has occurred before, but not by the second day. I’ve been drinking lots of water today and completely free of any headache, but I’m going to bed early to let my body use its energy to cleanse.

Someone asked why I was water fasting. This is a great question. I want  especially to eliminate toxins because I have some small red bumps on my face and have no idea what’s causing them. So I wanted to see how a fast  affects them.

And I’ll mention a bit about the difference between juice fasting and water fasting. With a juice fast the body is being both nourished and cleansed. With a water fast the body is only cleansing. The value of providing the body with nourishment when cleansing is that it isn’t as severe for the body as just cleansing alone.

While both fasts rest the organs of the digestive system to facilitate detoxification, a juice fast is less likely to produce cleansing responses because the body is rebuilding while it is cleansing. And a juice fast doesn’t create electrolyte and glucose imbalances which can occur with a water fast.

Also, with water fasting you can lose lean body mass and some find it takes time to recuperate from the deep cleanse of water fasting. You want to be careful with water fasting.

I don’t encourage anyone to do a water fast without reading and researching the benefits and cautions. The best book I’ve read is Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s, Fasting and Eating for Health.  It will probably be available in your Library. So please do your research before jumping into a water fast. Read this book and you’ll know if water fasting is for you.


Beautiful Apples

I noticed walking past the apples in our fruit basket, I could remember their delicious, wet, crisp, sweet taste. And it is effortless and easy to walk on by. I share our apples with you through the photo above.

Will keep you posted tomorrow, the last fasting day. Then juicing, smoothies, salads, those delicious raw foods that nourish the body and support the continued release of toxins.


To Your Amazing Health,


2 thoughts on “Water Fast — Second Day

  1. Listening to your words and the way your are expressing yourself,… it seem like a switch has been flipped since your move,… 🙂 still smilin from cheek to cheek,.. Christine from Canada,… peace sister peace 🙂 say hi to Bill ,. hugs your way,… to sunny warm California ps I have wondered about your friend you were helping,… how is she doing 🙂

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