Looking back over my life, I notice how all the work I’ve done focuses on learning how to become all we can be.

I love supporting women to know who they really are, past all limitations. I’m deeply moved every time one of us takes a step into more of who we are. I’m usually crying tears of joy. It always surprises me how much I’m moved.

When I was in my early 30’s I began working in the weight loss industry. I so loved working with every woman one-on-one and delighted in their success. I loved hiring and training staff to give the highest level of support to every client. Clients lost great and kept their weight off when actively receiving our support, but they often gained it back when on their own. I didn’t like seeing this so I encouraged the owners of the company I was working with to look at the emotional component that was driving weight gain in order to offer deeper support, but there was no interest.

I walked away searching for answers to empower people. I went back to University for an M.A., took lots of seminars and spiritual training, always looking, looking.

My career then moved into food for health. I loved seeing people’s health improve by eating High Nutrient Dense whole food, which also resulted in losing weight naturally. That felt great. And yet again, this often worked best with our continued support.

Moving back to Canada recently, I decided to spend time with clients in a commercial weight loss business to see if sharing my knowledge and experience would benefit them. I wanted to deeply explore how to deliver long term freedom from weight concerns. It’s been exciting to pursue this interest and women are beginning to get great results.

So I thought I’d share here what I’m learning so, if you wish, you can apply these ideas to your own life. I’m planning a series of blogs covering what I’ve discovered. Here are some of the topics:

  • Your body is meant to thrive. Plan, prep, and measure your food so that happens.
  • Listen to your body for when and what to eat.
  • Water is crucial for weight loss and cleansing our bodies.
  • Use food as a window into what emotions or other factors drive your eating.
  • Focus on what is deeper than our thoughts, feelings and urges.
  • Movement and exercise are important but aren’t an answer on their own.
  • Support youself and be accountable.
  • The most important bottom line is learn to love you. Nurture, love and joy fill this journey.

Let’s begin with focusing on what is deeper than our thoughts, feelings and urges. Consider this, when we believe our thoughts and feelings are totally real, we often miss just how quickly they come and go. When we believe that our thoughts and feelings make up who we are, our lives are like a roller coaster, up one minute, down the next, and we miss the beauty of who we really are.

Underneath our thoughts and feelings is a self that never changes, just like what’s looking when we look in a mirror. Even though we may age, what’s looking hasn’t changed and is forever young. Have you ever noticed that? So, in the midst of all the ups and downs in our lives, there is something that isn’t going up and down. And we can live from that more balanced place if we want to.

It’s kind of like when you are driving in the rain, you can focus on the windshield wipers or focus on the road. The windshield wipers are like our thoughts and feelings and if we focus on them, we can be distracted from what’s right in front of us, something that is much deeper, still and always present.

What I’m excited about is that food can be a great doorway into experiencing this. For example, you can try this: the next time you want to eat but know you aren’t really hungry, slow down. If you can, sit in a comfortable spot, relax and open, and ask yourself “Am I hungry?” Next ask, “What’s going on in my life right now?” Continue to sit and feel whatever feelings arise. Just let the feelings move through you like waves move through the ocean, and then notice if you still want food.

When we don’t respond or act on our thoughts or feelings, but instead just rest and let the thoughts and feelings move through us, they often fade away quickly. As they fade, we can experience what is deeper, that quiet place within. It’s like we’re able to see the road ahead instead of being distracted by the windshield wipers–our thoughts and feelings.

Food is a factor, of course, but it’s not really what drives weight gain. What drives weight gain and overeating is using food to try to fill something lacking in our lives. We often use it as a friend, comforter, confidant, or for stress and emotional release. The most enriching work I’m doing right now is supporting women to discover what is driving their weight gain, so they can learn to let that trigger gradually fade from their lives and live more of their full potential. And that’s what lights up my life: seeing others opening up and living their full potential.

I’ll continue to share more of these ideas in future blogs that can make a real difference in your weight, your health, and maybe even your peace of mind. Enjoy the smoothie recipe below as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great tasting, great for health and it supports weight loss.

If you would like to chat about any of this, feel free to email or call me at (236) 420-1419. I’d love to get to know you.

To your amazing health,


Green Smoothie Recipe

1 ripe peach, stone removed and cut in quarters
1 apple, cored and cut in quarters
1/2 cup frozen berries
1/2 cup raw almonds for protein or use your favorite protein powder
large handful of kale leaves
1 heaping tablespoon ground flax
Stevia to taste (Optional) (I use Sweet Drops Stevia – 1/4 tsp or 3 droppers full)
Purified water

Put all ingredients in a strong blender. Fill blender half full with purified water. Blend well and enjoy. So delicious and refreshing.









6 thoughts on “WEIGHT LOSS ANSWERS

  1. Hi Connie,
    This is a simply awesome critique on food and our emotions. Well, here goes with myself in tow.
    love, Felicia

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