Truly “Healthy & Quick” Cookbooks

Recently I thought about creating a second cookbook, a quick and healthy one to meet the needs of our busy, busy lifestyles. So first I took a trip to our local bookstore to see what’s available and if there really is need to write another.

I found 4 healthy, high nutrient, whole foods cookbooks that offer quick and easy cooking. I purchased 2 of them and have the other 2 on order.  I want to share all 4 with you.

What makes them “quick” is primarily the use of canned beans and lentils rather than cooking them from scratch. This saves hours in preparing a recipe, so even though the canned beans aren’t as nutritious as cooking your own, it’s better to get them in your diet this way than not at all.

If I could only buy 1 of the 4 it would be the How Not To Die Cookbook, by Dr. Michael Greger. Dr. Greger is an MD and amazing nutrition expert. He sends out 3 free short videos each week on a myriad of health topics. His research is impeccable and he interprets all the science in every day language so it’s easy to understand. I look forward to them every week. You can check it out here.

His nutrition research is worth following and applying what works for your life. And his cookbook is fabulous. For one thing, the recipes taste great and contain no free oils. At our house, we have replaced most free oils with nuts and seeds to amp up our health as we age. It tastes great and feels great. You may remember I included nut and seed dressings for salads and greens in several of the last posts. You can view them again here and here. They are so much more delicious and healthy than using free oils.


Next I would buy the new Forks Over Knives Flavor! The recipes look delicious and there are lots of them. Forks Over Knives created one of the best videos about food and health. If you have a Netflix account, you can watch it here.


Finally, I’d purchase both Oh She Glows and Oh She Glows Every Day. The recipes are great in both books. They’re quick and focused on health and delicious tastes.

I love the Oh She Glows cookbooks to give me inspiration and stir my creativity. Her recipes are unusual, and even though she uses some coconut oil and olive oil, she’s very careful with keeping their use to a minimum.

I will try the recipes and ideas in all 4 books to see if I feel they fully answer the need for truly quick, high nutrient, whole foods cooking. Then I’ll decided if another Quick and Healthy Cookbook is needed. I’m loving the exploration.

And please join me. Let’s learn together with you sharing any great cookbook you’ve found that focuses on whole, high nutrient food and uses as little oil as possible. Let me know what you like about your cookbook and also the recipes you love.

To Your Amazing Health,



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