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Connie w:foodHi, and thanks for your interest in Amazing Health Effortlessly! I’ve been helping people restore their health and lose weight naturally for over 25 years, and I love it.

It all started in the 70’s when I opened and ran a chain of weight loss studios in the U.S. and Australia for a very successful company. We had great results helping women lose weight. But when they left our program, most found their unwanted pounds creeping back on.

I suggested to the owners that we address the deeper issues driving weight gain, but they were satisfied with their success as it was.

I retired from that industry when I was 40, only to find my first husband had a dangerous heart arrhythmia. Looking for a way to address the problem at its source, we discovered that with diet and lifestyle changes, he could and did restore his health completely.

This was my introduction to the power of High Nutrient Dense whole foods.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people restore their health from all kinds of chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol issues and arthritis, all with the same plan.

It turns out it’s a pretty simple thing. Our bodies are designed to restore and maintain health. So, when we provide the body with the essential elements it needs, the body does what it’s designed to do, be healthy. When we give the body what it needs, High Nutrient Dense whole foods, it does the work to restore and maintain health.

And a wonderful side benefit of restoring health is that a healthy body doesn’t carry excess weight.

So, I feel I’ve found what I was looking for back in the 70’s, a way to show people how to lose excess weight naturally. And, since becoming a certified Change Coach, I now have a way to support people to have lasting change with weight loss. They can have amazing health, lose their weight naturally, and experience real and lasting change. Hooray!


Credentials: BSc, M.A., Certified Change Coach, Cookbook Author, Bio-feedback Specialist, HeartMath Provider.

10 thoughts on “About Connie

  1. Hi Connie. I love your blog it’s so colourful and bright. I’m trying to read the articles but cannot seem to open them.
    hope you and Bill are well. lots of love Roisin

  2. Connie, your blog is a triumph and the photos are beautiful. Am about to get a juicer and vitamix. what juicer would you recommend and do I need a vita-mix with a pulser or not.Thank you so much for sharing this,
    love Roisin

    • Hi Dearest Roisin,
      I don’t think you need to spend the money for a Vita-Mix unless that is easy for you right now. It’s a great machine and I used an Oster blender, very inexpensive, for years. It did a fine job. If you want to make soups or do lots and lots of green smoothies, Vita-Mix is a good investment. Look into a Braun juicer. Here it was $99, so very inexpensive and so easy to clean. Unless you want to spend much more for a press juicer, this works great.
      Happy healthy eating.
      Love, Connie

      • Dear Connie, Thank you for all the wonderful information you share. i have a Vita mix blender. i was going to purchase a juicer, however, i found an article stating that I could use my vita mix for juicing as well, with the help of a nut milk bag. have you tried this? this would be great as i wouldn’t need to purchase another kitchen tool, for juicing. and also, would make prep time and clean up time much easier and quicker.

        Brightest Blessings ~ Lee-Anne.

      • Dear Lee-Anne, Yes you can use a Vita Mix in this way to juice with a seed bag that you squeeze the liquid through. I have not done it, and I encourage you to give it a try and let me know what you think. Please report on the pulp left in the bag if there is much or little and if it seems very dry. Also does the juice seem to be the same as if you had used a juicer?

        Thanks so much. Look forward to hearing from you.

        Warmly, Connie

  3. Dearest Connie.
    I enjoy your blog so much – Thank you so much. Right now I make juice every morning and enjoy it very much however I do not use a juice machine but a blender. I wonder if that is as good as juicing? What have you seen in your experience?
    In gratitude and love,

    • Hi Dear Simone, Lovely to hear from you. This is often a question people have about a blender vs. a juicer. Juicing removes the finer and lets the nutrients feed the cells of our body directly without the energy used in digesting food. It means our cells can be cleansed much more quickly and they regenerate more quickly. Green smoothies are also great for the body but not as powerful because the fiber they contain takes energy to digest.
      Some people use a seed bag and pour their blender mix in that and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze to get the juice out and leave the fiber behind. If you want to buy a juicer look up Omega VRT350 online and see what’s available in Europe. It is a super juicer and we use it most every morning.
      Much love, Connie

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