About Us

Hi, and thanks for your interest in Amazing Health Effortlessly! We’ve been helping people restore their health and lose weight naturally for over 25 years, and we love it.

It all started in the 70’s when Connie opened and ran a chain of weight loss studios in the U.S. and Australia. She had great results helping women lose weight, but when they left the program, most found their unwanted pounds creeping back on.

She suggested to the owners that they look into addressing the deeper issues driving weight gain, but they were satisfied with their success and stayed with the formula that was working for them.

Connie retired from that industry when she was 40, only to find her first husband had a dangerous heart arrhythmia. Looking for a way to address the problem at its source, they discovered that with diet and lifestyle changes, he could and did restore his health completely.

This was her introduction to the power of High Nutrient Dense whole foods.

Since then, she and her current husband, Bill, have helped hundreds of people restore their health from chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol issues and arthritis, and lose weight naturally, all with the same plan.

It turns out it’s a pretty simple thing. Our bodies are designed to restore and maintain health. So, when we provide the body with the essential elements it needs, the body does what it’s designed to do, be healthy. When we give the body what it needs, High Nutrient Dense whole foods, it does the work to restore and maintain health.

And a wonderful side benefit of restoring health is that a healthy body doesn’t carry excess weight.

So, after many years, she found what she was looking for back in the 70’s, a way to show people how to lose excess weight naturally.

And, to help people keep the weight off, she and Bill are both certified Change Coaches, providing 1-on-1 support in dealing with the emotional and psychological issues that so often drive unhealthy eating habits.

Now, everyone can have amazing health, lose excess weight naturally, and experience real and lasting change.


Credentials: BSc, M.A., Certified Change Coach, author, lecturer

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